Vlogger cria movimento para mulheres aceitarem suas celulites

A canadense Kenzie Brenna criou a hashtag #CelluliteSaturday e todos os sábados ela compartilha uma foto de aceitação de suas celulites.


Olhar-se no espelho e perceber um pequena celulite nas pernas — ou em qualquer outro lugar do corpo — pode ser uma tarefa dura para algumas mulheres, já que os famosos furinhos se tornaram um sinônimo de insegurança. Mas você sabia que 93% das mulheres no mundo tem celulite? Foi isso que ficou comprovado por um estudo realizado pela Scientific American em 2009. Conclusão: ter celulite é normal.

Para comprar isso mais uma vez, Kenzie Brenna, uma vlogger canadense, resolveu lançar a campanha #CelluliteSaturday, que busca incentivar outras mulheres a postarem fotos mostrando suas celulites para acabar com a ideia de que ela é algo para se ter vergonha.

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#cellulitesaturday? Can that be a thing? Last time I posted a picture of me TRYING to embrace a part of my body that I have been trying to change forever, 2 things happened. 1. A lot of women and even a few men came forward and said amazinggggg things like "thanks, your dope I need this, I NEED to see more of this, I WANT to see more of this, keep doing what you're doing, yes to normal bodies, etc." the incredible comments kept going, of people sharing their own struggles with trying to accept their bodies, to some women who don't even have cellulite embracing my body – THAT my friends is what this bopo community is all about. 2. Second thing that happened was obviously, the opposite. "Disgusting, gross, cellulite is not healthy, don't encourage kids or women to be unhealthy, nasty, wtf, if you exercise or rub cream or do-this-thing-that-makes-no-sense it will help you get rid of it" that shit went on, in my DM's and in the public comments. I am not going to sit here and write to you what cellulite is, what it ISN'T or try to bang it into your head that yes, my dear friends "thin + healthy + fit" women also have cellulite, I am going to let you do your own research. You have google and you have can DM if you want to have a CONVERSATION exchanging opinions, facts and resources to help us BRIDGE gaps instead of create bigger ones. I exercise 5x a week, I will murder you at cardio (my cardiovascular system is off the hizzy), I foam roll, I do yoga, I stretch, I eat my greens and I drink over a gallon of water every day. I used to use creams, I used to dry brush, I got massages and considered surgery. SO, don't tell me that I have to be more fit, more healthy, more this, more that, don't tell me to try your cream or that I need to create more blood flow to the places where my cellulite exists. Cause bish, I got chu. Been there done that. My friends, my cellulite is here to stay. And I am fucking okay with that. #bodyacceptance #celluliteyoualrite #namaslay #thisiswhatfitlookslike #embracethesquish #mesosquishy #mermaidthighs #iamallwoman #tbcr 🌈😊🌸😊🌸😊🌸😊🌈

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Em entrevista à revista SELF, Kenzie disse que está se recuperando de um transtorno dismórfico corporal, uma condição que faz com que as pessoas foquem em seus “defeitos”. “Eu estava tão insegura e costumava fazer tratamentos para acabar com ela”, disse. “Não vejo muitas mulheres aceitando suas celulites, que é algo que muitas de nós temos, então pensei que o #CelluliteSaturday fosse uma hashtag legal para mostrar que eu também tenho [celulite]”.

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🌤 HAPPY SATURDAY MORNING ☀️ It's also #cellulitesaturday, I realize I didn't post one last week. But I sorta wanna try to make it a thing. The word cellulite still makes me cringe. It still makes me wanna run and hide and not come out and I have somehow lipsuctioned it out of me or try to dry brush it into the dark places of the universe. That's really not the fucking case. The only way to get rid of cellulite is to lose overall fat. With overall fatloss, your body may lose fat in the areas that you have celluli- AND HERES THE JOOCEY PART, YOUR BODY MAY ALSO ✨NOT✨ LOSE FAT FROM THOSE AREAS.💞 Because we cannot spot reduce (stop it, we can't, pls don't comment and say you can I'll just delete you misinforming people) you can't pick or choose whether or not you are a person who can reduce your appearance of cellulite. Notice how I said appearance. Appearance because cellulite LITERALLY translates to the appearance of fat cells. And because we will forever have fat cells at some percentage or another, for women (and some men,) you can't really avoid this baby. We all have it to some degree or another. It's not an indication of health or fitness level or self worth. ITS A COSMETIC "ISSUE." It's just a thing our bodies do. It's just a thing our bodies do. It's just a fucking thing our bodies do. It's that simple. And the beauty industry capitalizes on it. Imagine if a unicorn was chopping off its horn because it's culture says so. We would tell that beautiful unicorn that it's bananas for doing something like that. 🦄🌸💕 No. Just no. Like I said in my previous cellulite posts, it's difficult for me to accept, but I eat my greens, I drink my water, I foam roll, I'm at the gym 5x a week, I have Epsom salt baths, I've dry brushed, got "cellulite massages", tried creams and considered getting surgery. So don't tell me a way to "fix it." I'm over it 🙅🚫 #celluliteacceptance #endbodyshame #thisiswhatfitlookslike #boldandbeautiful

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Okayyyy @iamiskra made me feel sooooo durn good about myself the other day. I can't even describe the feeling of relief that overcomes you when someone you look up to shows you it's okay to be yourself. How easy is it to make a thigh gap? First photo: I'm pushing my legs and hips back. Second photo: I am standing comfortable fully insecure AF because somehow or another I drank the kool aid when I was younger thinking thighs shouldn't touch. Insecure afffff cause I'm knock kneed. Insecure afffff cause my whole body is touching itself which used to drive me crazy. Insecure afffff cause of my cellulite. But when Iskra said "these are my mermaid legs" just the power of words hit me. I have mermaid legs too, and no thigh gap, no amount of space between any of my body parts is going to take away how special I feel to be part of that club. 🌈🐠🦄 I fucking also thought I could never buy or wear Calvin Klein underwear cause I couldn't rock it right. But what is right? 🤗 #MermaidThighs #nothighgap #pretendimamermaidinthegym #ItsOkayToBeYou #SelfLoveIsSoTasty #iamallwoman #inmycalvins #cellulitesaturday

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Dear reader 💫 I hope you celebrate your body today. Especially the part that you haven't been saying nice things to all these years. Your body needs you. Love, Me 🙆💞 Another edition of #cellulitesaturday. ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ I can't truthfully say I love this part of my body yet, but I'm getting farther away from hating it. ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ Cellulite shouldn't be ruining your life or mine. Cellulite is little itty bitty fat cells that accumulate in places where your cute body says "yup, need some more of that over here!" It isn't a medical condition. It is a 🚨cosmetic🚨 personal issue that women have with themselves due to the overwhelming pressure our beauty culture has placed on having thin smooth young looking skin. What about all the gals that don't have thin smooth young looking skin? What if they don't fit in that standard? Fuck that. Rock yo body, in all its cuteness that it is. ❤️💛💚💙💜 #everyBODYisbeautiful #daretobedifferent #selflovejourney

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